Before your surgery, it is wise to think about how you will manage your daily routines at home following your operation. 

  • How will you get your meals?

  • Is your bedroom/bathroom easily accessible or do you need to make other arrangements?

  • Will you be able to continue caring for your needs following surgery or will you need assistance?

  • Do you have ice available if it will be needed?

  • Will you be using crutches? Are there throw rugs that should be removed before you get home and start using crutches? Do you know how to use crutches?

  • How will you manage bathing? Dressings cannot get wet. How will you manage to keep your dressings dry?

  • Is there adequate food in the house?


These are questions we cannot answer for you. We do not know everyone’s situation, nor what your surgeon will allow you to do. You should think about these issues before surgery and discuss them with your surgeon. Do not wait until immediately following your surgery to discuss these matters. The effects of anesthesia and medications will make it difficult for you to remember what is said to you. The discharge instructions that will be given to the responsible adult who accompanies you home will be general instructions only.